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Popular tax-smart gifts

Many people are increasingly choosing to give non-cash assets, so they can have a bigger impact at less cost to them.

Explore tax-smart gift options

Learn about gifts that maximize the impact of your support while providing tax benefits for you!

Stocks and securities

Many people love donating stock or mutual funds because it may help them avoid paying capital gains taxes.

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Donor Advised Funds

Easily recommend grants to the University of New Haven for tax-efficient giving.

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Qualified Charitable Distributions

Use your IRA to make tax-free gifts that benefit you and our mission.

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Real Estate

Donate real estate to make a lasting impact, unlocking the hidden potential of your property’s value.

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Retained Life Estate

Secure your home’s future through a Retained Life Estate, ensuring support for us while residing in your property.

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Empowering our Mission through Planned Giving

At the University of New Haven, donor generosity fuels our commitment to higher education. Through experiential learning and collaborative endeavors, we prepare students for global leadership. Planned giving, including bequests and gifts in wills, sustains our mission, enabling us to deliver top-quality education and impactful services. These contributions secure our future impact on student lives.

Robert E. Behler: Champion of Curiosity and Lifelong Learning 

Robert Behler’s journey epitomizes a lifelong quest for knowledge and exploration. From a young age, his insatiable curiosity led him to dismantle and reconstruct radios, laying the groundwork for a career in technology. Specializing in networking, he even contributed to early internet prototypes during his career. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Robert’s diverse interests ranged from piloting Cessna planes to diving into the depths of the ocean, all while cherishing adventures with his daughter and nurturing friendships that lasted a lifetime. 

His journey to higher education was not linear, he worked as a technician before deciding to try some night classes at the University of New Haven.  He quickly excelled in his classes and went on to get an Engineering Degree and later an MBA.  His time at UNH gave him the confidence in his abilities to excel in academia and beyond. 

In a touching testament to his gratitude, Robert’s daughter Alaine recalls his belief that the University of New Haven altered the trajectory of his life.  Upon his passing, he requested a generous contribution from his estate to establish the Robert E. Behler Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2024. This fund serves as a beacon of support for aspiring engineers, ensuring that Robert’s legacy of generosity and determination continues to inspire future generations. 

We express our heartfelt appreciation for Robert’s enduring generosity, knowing that his impact will resonate far beyond his lifetime, shaping the journeys of countless engineering students to come.

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We’re here to help you meet your goals!

Our team would be happy to speak with you in confidence about your giving goals, with no obligation.

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Title :Director of Development, Planned and Major Gifts

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More ways to make an impact

Beneficiary designations

Gifting assets not covered by your will — like 401(k) or IRA accounts — may help your heirs avoid unwanted taxes, even if you’re below the estate tax threshold.

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Gifts in a will or trust

Donations in your will or trust are (by far) the most popular type of planned gift. Learn more, or get help starting your will (for free!).

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Residual Designations

A residual estate gift is a powerful way to leave a lasting impact on the causes that matter most to you, including supporting our university’s mission of academic excellence, research, and student success.

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