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Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society

The Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society honors individuals who value higher education and make sustaining the University of New Haven part of their legacy.

About the Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society

The Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society honors individuals who value higher education and make sustaining the University of New Haven part of their legacy. By joining the other members of the Maxcy Legacy Society, you are affirming that you want part of your legacy to be supporting the education of students at the University of New Haven. Nearly all students receive financial aid from the University, and as a Legacy Society member you are helping put students on a path to a productive and meaningful life.

The Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society is named for a long serving leader of the University. With the support of community leaders and grateful alumni, the two-year New Haven College that started in 1920 has developed into an innovative University with more than 7,000 students. Donors like you who include the University in their estate plans join a collective effort to develop the creativity and vitality of our society through education.

We welcome you to explore our legacy society further by reviewing our informative materials on planned giving here.


Joining the Ellis C. Maxcy Legacy Society gives you an enduring connection to the educational mission of the University. By becoming a member of the Maxcy Legacy Society, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you will have a positive impact on future University students, and that you will always be identified as someone who values higher education
  • Your name listed on a permanent display in the center of Maxcy Hall, our main campus building
  • Your name included as a member of the Maxcy Society in University of New Haven Donor Reports
  • Invitations to special events and seminars


You may join this group that sustains the vitality of the University of New Haven by:

  • Making a gift to the University from your will, retirement account, trust or life insurance policy
  • Establishing a life income arrangement, such as a charitable remainder trust, that will provide a lifetime income to you, or to one or two individuals whom you name, and then benefit the University
  • Donating a residence while retaining lifetime use

Please notify us if the University is already included in your future gift plans by completing the Maxcy Legacy Society membership form so that we can thank you and you can be recognized as a member.

If you would like to discuss a legacy gift that fits your particular circumstances and tax situation, please contact Lisa Wrubleski, Director of Development, Planned and Major Gifts, at 860-478-2870 or

Empowering our Mission through Planned Giving

At the University of New Haven, donor generosity fuels our commitment to higher education. Through experiential learning and collaborative endeavors, we prepare students for global leadership. Planned giving, including bequests and gifts in wills, sustains our mission, enabling us to deliver top-quality education and impactful services. These contributions secure our future impact on student lives.

W. Thurmon Whitley, PhD.

Dr. W. Thurmon Whitley’s legacy at the University of New Haven spans over thirty years, leaving an indelible mark on academia and student life. After joining the University in 1979, Dr. Whitley’s dedication and passion for teaching were evident. He was chair of the mathematics and physics departments and later directed the honors program. His commitment to education didn’t go unnoticed, as evidenced by his nomination for the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1997 and his receipt of the Faculty Award in 2007.

Beyond his roles within the University, Dr. Whitley’s influence extended regionally, serving as the former chair of the Northeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America. His academic journey, marked by a bachelor’s degree from Stetson University, a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, exemplified his lifelong dedication to learning and teaching. Additionally, Dr. Whitley served in two additional roles at the University: faculty liaison to the athletics department and an advisor to Delta Sigma Alpha.

In 2007, Dr. Whitley’s philanthropic spirit shone through as he was featured in the Alumni Magazine for his commitment to giving back to the University. Reflecting on the impactful teachers in his life, he emphasized the importance of nurturing a love for learning and caring for others—a philosophy he carried throughout his distinguished career. Beloved by colleagues and students alike, Dr. Whitley embodied the ethos of leaving the world a better place than he found it, echoing Ralph Waldo Emerson’s sentiments.

Dr. Whitley’s profound connection to the University and his belief in the synergy between athletics and academia led him to include the institution in his estate plans for student support. The creation of the Professor W. Thurmon Whitley Endowed Scholarship Fund signifies his enduring commitment to supporting students. Specifically, the scholarship will benefit a deserving student-athlete participating in Women’s Lacrosse, furthering Dr. Whitley’s legacy of excellence, generosity, and passion for learning and athletics.

Dr. Whitley’s generous gift honors his remarkable legacy and serves as a testament to the deep appreciation the University of New Haven community holds for his enduring impact on generations of students and the institution.

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